Forge Of Empires

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Build your city through the ages!

Start off in the Stone Age as the leader of a small tribe. Use your resources wisely and build all types of buildings – from beautiful residential to military buildings to highly productive factories. You will explore new technologies and build your small village into a grand metropolis up to the Tomorrow Era. Create your own world: Forge your Empire!

Stone age
Iron age
Late middle age
Modern age
Stone age

Build your empire

Build your empire

The center of attention: your city.

Here you can prove that you are a worthy builder and the way you build your city defines, which type of player you are – competitive, explorative, collaborative. Every type of building fulfills a specific purpose.

Cultural buildings

Happy residents are more productive. That’s why you need cultural buildings to entertain your people.

Military buildings

To increase your empire you can trade new sectors for goods or fight for them. You recruit your army in a military building.

Goods buildings

With the help of goods you can explore new technologies, for example. You can trade them with other players.

Residential buildings

They increase the number of your town residents and produce coins.

Production buildings

They allow you to produce supplies which you mainly need – together with coins – to build new and improved buildings.

Great buildings

Remarkable buildings, that stand out. Great buildings give different bonuses like supplies, coins, happiness. In order to build one, you need to gather a complete set of nine blueprints.

Cultural buildings

Discover and conquer new territories!

Use your army strategically to fight exciting battles and gain control of new provinces. On the battle field you can either take on the computer or give other players a lesson in battle strategy. Recruit and develop a powerful army to steer the fate of your empire!

Your army is not strong enough or you do not want to fight? Each sector can be traded for different goods that you can produce in your goods buildings.

Once a whole province is in your possession, you can send out your scout to discover new territories.


Master the markets!

Good business is the key of becoming a great trading power. Your economic skills are essential: What do the other players need? What will they trade it for? With non-player traders, rates for goods will probably be higher. With your fellow players in your guild you can trade with a much greater prospect of good business.

Use the market to multiply your goods and your empire will grow and prosper.


Guilds: Join a team

Joining a guild in Forge of Empires can be of great benefit for you. Not only you can play with your friends or get to know other players, guilds can also assist you to progress faster in the game by easier trading and mutual help. Another fun guild experience: Join war and fight against other guilds on the guild continent map.

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If you think strategy games are ugly and boring, it’s because you’ve never played Forge of Empires.
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Building the roads... Planting the trees... Filling the lakes... Feeding the deer... Tuning the instruments...

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